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Shapes and sounds are brought to you on projection indexing data that can be used for future interactions

The pursuit to create strong and versatile satellites is sought by all.  The future introduction of a shapeshifter will allow shapes to form into satellites.   Once these original satellites are formed, they will join together to summon the observer that will transition the satellites into Beings. 

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September 04 2021 

0.0777 Eth

Interactive On Chain

All Shapes are actually interactive on chain, you can interact with them on Opensea then, later, on the unknown trajectory metaverse where new features will be available throughout the journey

The NFTs of Unknown Trajectory are Issued directly by our ERC721 Etherium smart contract 


Every shape features a unique provably random sonority that will be considered in the combinations and frequencies 

The future stage of t he project will unveil complex melodies in the NFTs that are based upon the metadatas of their ancestors.

Together we create a beautiful metaverse of shapes and sounds 

DNA Analysis

Narrative Based

Unknown trajectory is more than an NFT project, it’s a whole experience you can live by joining Our Discord today.
The project will evolve with its holders and the story and the mystery will unveil throughout the lifespan of the project

Populate the Hyperspace

Unknown trajectory (Element) holders will be able to combine shapes to reach new stages of the metaverse, every position on the hyperspace polar system will be attributed only once through the dropped NFT generated by the shapeshifter

Further instruction and recycling options will be be granted once the shapeshifter released 

Virtual Estates

Orbitals sometimes generated on elements,  will be blank cartridges that can be filled with links, text, images or videos on coordinate points supplied by satellites and beeings 

Fill up datas on chain and inscribe the blockchain forever with your content  

Evolve your collection

Both satellites and beings will inherit from the properties of their upringings, once combined their properties and appearances will be weighted in the shapeshifter to generate a matching sibling. 

Be free to focus on generating the coolest looking art, focus on the utility, or get the missing pieces of the puzzle that treasure hunters will need    

Your participation is vital to the success o the mission 

Get a share of the project 

The quest for the Keys

The first drop will feature 5 Legendary NFTs called keys that If reunited, will give 5% of the project secondary sales ad vitam æternam to their holder once the keys combined 

The Space Rifts

Certain random positions of the outer ring of unknown trajectory will be eligible for ETH drops proportional to the project secondary sales, every Beings placed in those areas at a given time will receive giveaways of Etherium  

More instruction will be shared once we have surpassed the first two orbital rings

Breakthroughs & Milestones

Launch of unknown trajectory

Collect elements and prepare for Shapeshifting 

50% Sale


Reach outer levels of the hyperspace by combining elements and satellites 

60% Sale

Orbitals configuration

Fill up your shape's orbitals with multimedia content stored ad vita m aeternam on chain 

75% Sale

GLB Export

Export your NFTs to 3D format, use them in you own metaverse or to create your own derivatives

85% Sale

Defi and ETH Drops

A percentage of the project secondary sales will be constantly awarded to random outer positions on the hyperspace

100% Sale

Metaverse Observers

Explore the hyperspace in multiplayer and interact with other travellers in VR